Sindy: The Horses

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Dolls, Dolls, Dolls

Today I thought that I would show you the Sindy horse that Naomi got me for my birthday last week.

Sindy has had several horses over the years although her “Pony Club ” outfit preceded all of them.  The first horse appeared in 1966 and was issued in grey flock then later in brown plastic. There is quite an interesting piece in on the Sindy Museum website about the manufacture and distribution of this horse which you can read here . The article mentions that the horse was named “Peanuts” after a competition in a comic book. Although the article does not say so this would be “June & Schoolfriend” a comic which featured a lot of Sindy advertising. Incidentally”June” and “Schoolfriend” were originally separate comics which merged sometime in the early sixties. I remember this comic as our older cousin used to get it while I had “Bunty” and “Judy”.

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Collection Close Up: Sasha Dolls

Thank you , beautiful presentation.

Confessions of a Doll Collectors Daughter

I received my first two Sasha dolls a few years ago for Christmas: Caleb, a dark skinned boy, and Gregor, a tan brunette boy. Since then, I’ve gathered five more (twobabies, twogirls, and a bald Gregor). Seven Sasha’s sounds like a lot, until you see my mother’s collection. She has, at least, double the amount of dolls I have. Sasha dolls have been a favorite of hers since she was young and found her first one, a Gregor, for under $20.00, at a store that was going out of business.  Both collections together make for quite a few Sasha dolls!

Sasha Dolls

Sasha dolls, produced from the 1940’s through 1986 (with a re-launch in the mid 1990’s) are unique looking when compared to other doll lines. Most noticeable are their unique faces. It was important to creator Sasha Morgenthaler that her dolls have a…

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Are Barbie’s Really Bad For Children?

Love this post, I belong to a sewing group on Facebook, and women say they made clothes for Barbie or a Sindy and then for themselves. More fuss is made of Barbie than guns, tanks etc.

Dolls, Dolls, Dolls

Recently my sister sent me an article about a child sized Barbie Dreamhouse in Berlin which had become the subject of controversy amongst feminists who wanted it banned.

This made me rather angry. I’ve often heard the arguments about Barbie not being a good role model for girls because of her figure and supposed attitude so at the risk of annoying people I’m going to put in my five cents worth.

First of all let me say that I have no children or grandchildren and that my nieces are now adults so I don’t pretend to be an expert on child development but surely children are more influenced by the adults in their own lives than by a toy. Apart from the careers suggested by Mattel I’m sure there are lots of children whose Barbie has a job just like mum or dad, or maybe has marvellous adventures that…

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I found a great blog on paper cutting as a back drop, I loved a scene of a doll . The artist’s link below.

‘Here’s my link to my Facebook Page where I update regularly on my papercut illustrations. Have a look and ‘like’ it to be part of the crowd! 😉 Click here’

Source: Facebook

Chad Valley Dollshouse and Marx Vintage Furniture

Informative, fun, nostalgic.

Dolls, Dolls, Dolls

Did I mention that I had another dolls house? Naomi gave it to me some years ago. She had just bought another one the same but in better condition and thought that I might like this one as I had no dollshouse at the time. Since then it has sat on top of a cupboard in the doll room as I had no furniture or dolls to put in it.

The House

This house is made of tin with lithographed decor. It’s a fairly common house and comes up on eBay and other sales sites reasonably often. Unless you have to get it freighted from overseas it is not a very expensive house to start a collection with either.
I turned to Naomi for an ID as I could not remember what she had told me it was when she gave it to me. The house is not marked but Naomi…

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I have been finding more vintage clothing to get exited about, sorry have’nt found out how to add photos, however, they can be found on my ebay karenbailey19632013. There is a gorgeous summer dress 1970’s folk floral piece by European label, Kleemeier Hof.